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The Subcontractor Pitch Form

The Fear Faire is always looking for unique entertainment experiences and attractions for our events. We work regularly with a variety of subcontractors for each event. The purpose of this form is to help potential specialty attractions and performances an opportunity to submit a proposal for their variety of expertise.
The Fear Faire is divided into various zones throughout the faire. When putting together a pitch, please think of what zone your area of expertise would fit into. The zones are: Slasher Camp, Peculiar Circus, Alien Touchdown, Movies in the Dark (Zombies and Cemetery), and Raven's Village (Gothic Fantasy and Specialty Characters).
Subcontractors with The Fear Faire work on event driven contracts. They are required to supply their own insurance and are paid within 30 days of the conclusion of the event. We can help direct you if you do not currently have business insurance.
BANDS - The Fear Faire books rock, alternative rock, pop rock, and metal/punk bands for the main concert stage. We also have room for acoustic and other musical acts that would fit into one of our zones. In general, bands will be chosen to volunteer a concert or will work for a percentage of ticket sales driven by their own efforts. Bands that are contracted as paid performers will have a large digital platform and/or a proven audience draw.
ATTRACTIONS - Attractions include immersive entertainment that give our guests something to do. This would include attractions/events like a haunted house, photo opportunity, game, craft, or other interactive experience.
SPECIALTY ACTS - Specialty acts play an important role of Fear Faire performance entertainment. These are performance driven acts. Examples are: juggling, magicians, contortionists, and acrobats. 
GROUNDS ENTERTAINMENT -  Grounds entertainment supplies their own costuming and characters for look alikes, stilt walkers, and like would be categorized as grounds entertainment. Their main purpose is to add to the ambience of each zone and provide photo opportunities. 
ACTORS/DANCERS/STUNTS - The Fear Faire works with a variety of professional actors, dancers, and stunt people to collaborate on specific shows and attractions. They work directly with Fear Faire coordinators where costume and show material is provided.
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